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HDPE Sheathing

Jk- HDPE Sheathing


The prestressing process is fairly common in the construction industry where a bunch of wires or strands undergo tension before bonding with concrete. This ensures that the final structure can undertake immense amounts of live load without the structure breaking apart as this load counteracts with the pre-stress tensioning. If it weren't for this intense mechanical process, we wouldn't get strong and durable bridges, flyovers, platforms, dams, and any other strong architectural marvel.

Since the wires or tendons have to undergo bonding with concrete, they need protection from environmental aggressors as well as corrosion from grout or cement. This is why corrugated metallic sheathing is so famous among the prestressing arena. It protects the tendons from external factors and allows them ample room for movement during the stressing process. However, the modern wave of innovation in the construction industry brings a better alternative to the metallic sheathing in the form of HDPE Sheathing or High Density Polyethylene sheathing.

Compared to metallic ducts, the HDPE Sheathing ducts exhibit many advantages: -

  • They are lighter and easier to transport as well as install
  • They have great bonding capacity with grout as well as concrete
  • They give superior corrosion resistance and better protector from environmental aggressors
  • Their long coils diminish the number of joints needed
  • They have lower friction coefficient, thus increasing the tendons' fatigue life
  • They showcase great compression strength as well as tensile strength

JK Prestressing provides excellent sheathing solutions for all prestressing situations, making them stand apart from all the otherĀ HDPE sheathing duct manufacturers in India.