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Prestressing Anchorage



Prestressing forces of the Tendons are transferred to the concrete structures through Anchorages. Anchorage for the Post Tensioning system normally comprises of a steel plates with a number of conical holes, the conical Grips and the Guide (Trumpet). Trumpet or Guide is used to connect the ducts and provides a flat surface for locating the Bearing Plate on it.

(a). Anchor Cone - This is specially formed component made out of graded Cast Iron, which generally gets embedded in the concrete and used to distribute the tendon forces to the concrete.

(b). Anchor Head - This is cylindrical round shaped component made out of graded Alloy Steel. This plate contains a number of tapered holes for wedging the Prestressing Steel with the help of grips.

(c). Wedges - This is a tapered shaped components made out of Alloy Carbon Steel and subsequently hardened & tempered. These Wedges are slitted in three equal parts to work like a split jaws and contains serrations inside.